Favorite organizational tools...

Until recently my array of tiny baubles and beads and thingamajigs were everywhere. While ringing in the new year I decided that it was time to fix that. My solution, not an original one by any stretch of the imagination, but perhaps one of the more obsessive ones. Listed below are my favorite organization tools. And let it be know, in addition to organizing my stash, I decided to join up with the Amazon Associates in hopes to make a few pennies off my hours of endless searching for the perfectly paired organizational tools. So, if you decide to click the links and purchase from the associate link, thank you for helping me generate a few coins to continue this new endeavor! 

Available in an assortment of colors, these binders on Amazon are my favorite, click HERE or the image below, it will bring you directly to our associated link for this product: 

Available in assorted sizes, and yes, I have found uses for each and every one, the 3.3x3.86 inch pocket version is PERFECT for findings, in work projects, and of course, stones! Click HERE or the image below to go directly to Amazon: 

Zippy bags, when it comes to sorting all things tiny, you can never have enough, am I right?! These 3x3 fit perfectly in the aforementioned sleeves most everything in my studio fits in one of these bad boys! Link HERE or click on the image below. 

Note cards! If I have learned one thing in my crafting life, it is to keep notes! Lots and lots of notes, *and* keep them with the project! These fit perfectly inside the zippy bags. Link HERE, or click the image below: 

I LOVE these for stones and small components, they keep everything right where they belong. Enough said. Direct link HERE, or click the image below: 
If invisible dots aren't your jam, then double sided tape offers more real estate and is a wonderful tool when designing with lots of fiddly bits. Just add to those note cards we spoke about earlier and you have a perfect project card. Link HERE, or click the image below: