First Impressions: Metal Clay 101

Originally created as an online resource for students who attend my 'Introduction to Metal Clay' workshop, it's my hope that this collection of links and product recommendations will be a valuable resource for anyone just starting with, or lookin to add to, their collection of tools for precious metal clay. Full disclosure; most of the links below are affiliate links and any purchase made from that click may result in a small kickback to me. So, thank you for that, I appreciate your support. Please take note, I ONLY link to tools that I have used and personally believe in!

Onto the lists...

.999 Art Clay Silver 

Art Clay Silver .999 - Torch fireable fine silver clay assorted sizes: 


Metal Clay Tool Kit: 

Distilled water
Playing Cards
Soft tooth brush

Torch Firing Supplies 

Finishing Supplies 

Affiliate link to Cool Tools and a list of my ABSOLUTE favorite tools:
Clay Thickness Rolling Frames - Item CRL-407:
Favorite tool and clay suppliers:
Art Clay World USA
Clay Revolution

Art Clay Silver Links: 
ACS 999 Torch Firing Instructions

Additional metalsmithing resources discussed in class: 
Precious Metal Refining Service