Silver + Silk Cordage Bracelet


Manifest your intentions with our Silver + Silk Cordage Bracelet. Hand-twisted, hand-dyed silk cordage and sterling silver, each color has a unique meaning. Simple yet powerful, this bracelet is perfect for daily wear or special occasions.

Clasp specifications:
Sterling (.925) silver lobster clasp closure

Bead specification:
Enriched (.950) sterling silver 

Cordage specification:
Hand-dyed, hand-twisted, 100% silk fabric

Color Correspondence:
white: spirituality, protection, peace, clarity
pink: attraction, optimism, intuition, compassion
purple: spirituality, imagination, enlightenment
blue: protection, patience, serenity, stability
turquoise: balance, creativity, communication
green: renewal, growth, abundance, prosperity
yellow: inspiration, imagination, flexibility, joy
orange: creativity, spontaneity, adaptability
red: passion, confidence, courage, power
brown: grounding, balance, strength, concentration
black: protection, transformation, strength
gray: stability, calm, balance, compromise
silver: wisdom, intuition, stability, protection
gold: confidence, intuition, enlightenment, abundance

The nature of handmade:
Even with an obsessive attention to detail, these bracelets are handcrafted; there will be slight variations in each piece

Listing Notice:
This listing is for ONE bracelet

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